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I only tend to buy new gear for my photography if I feel there is a need for it, maybe something breaks or I see a new opportunity. The Irix lens ( I hadn't heard of this brand either at this point) was an opportunity that I read about online. I mean an 11 mm lens on a full frame camera would be insane, who in their right mind would buy something that wide? However, on reading the article which claimed only 3% distortion, I had to investigate further. Several trusted reviews later, I decided this lens would be amazing for shooting very small shower/bathrooms rooms and for double-height lounges and hallways. It would mean I could include much more than with my current 16-35mm Canon lens.

The most useful thing, though, was opening up my field of view on seascapes, which are both my passion and hobby.

This lens is available in two finishes, including Blackstone (pictured above) with reinforced full-metal construction. All the lens markings are engraved and filled with a UV-reactive paint, enabling easy focusing in dark environments. Included with the lens is a hard case. It also comes in a slightly cheaper version called Firefly, which is a lightweight composite construction, with an embossed rubber focus ring, allowing for smooth and precise focusing. This lens comes with a soft pouch.

The lens has an incredible 126 degrees of view, is weather sealed and provides a very nice background bokeh. I paid 350 euros for my Firefly version in a nearly new condition from MPB.com, a great way to save on a lens which looked and performed like it was brand new.

The lens is, however, only available in manual focus and has a handy 'click stop' on infinity when focusing. I tend to set mine at this point and lock it, shooting at an aperture of say f8 as everything on a lens this wide will be in focus anyway. This is a great lens and amazing value for money. The optics are really good too.

If you want to add a 'play lens' to your collection, you won't do better than this beauty for the price.

I have included below some photos taken with the lens, placed on my Canon 6D MK2 in a variety of locations and light conditions.