More than 'shutter clicks'!

This is an invitation for you to join me at work this month and next as I explore the world of Property Photography. It's an interesting world of technical photography, creative shooting and getting to look around other people's property. How many of you watch 'homes' programmes on TV or want to follow Lloyd Grossman 'through the keyhole' of some amazing properties? The property market here on the Algarve is broadly speaking split into two: real estate (people selling their properties) or holiday rental homes, rented through agencies or by individuals, often only let for certain periods of the year. As we shall see, they both require careful consideration. We will start this month with a holiday rental B&B type property called Quinta Aida which is situated on the outskirts of Lagoa and near to the seaside town of Carvoeiro. It's a great central spot, a quiet haven that is close to many attractions.

Start at the beginning.

Photographing any type of property is like telling a story and the beginning is a good place to start. This Quinta has an impressive entrance on a country lane with a high wall and remotely operated gate, keeping the site private and secure, a big plus for those with children. Once inside, the mood changes completely with a beautiful mature garden and parking area with some quirky features and beautiful touches. It's important to catch the mood and feel of the place with your photos. Hopefully I have done that here.

The all-important accommodation.

The main part of the Quinta has 6 double B&B style bedrooms, all with their own entrance and outside dining. There is also a very well equipped shared kitchen, with tables and chairs for all the guests to share. To the side of the plot is 'Orchard Cottage' a self-contained property ideally suited to families or multiple guests.

Let's start with a look at the lovely communal kitchen.

The accommodation is available with both double and twin beds, let's take a look around.

A step up - Orchard Cottage.

This is a more traditional holiday rental with families in mind. It's tucked away in its own garden just off the main communal area. The finish, however, is just as good and oozes quality throughout.

Here are the some of the photos from the cottage below.

If you like the look of Quinta Aida, you can get more details from their website. Click the sign here:

The actual photography bit.

Now I can hear some of you saying that this property photography thing is a bit of a 'lark' - just take some shots with your iPhone and you'll be fine.

As with most things in life, it's not that simple. In these photographs you want the walls to be upright, architecturally correct and the exposure to cover the whole 'dynamic range', and you want the widows to have a view and not be 'blown out' because it's much brighter outside than it is inside (a big problem in the sunny Algarve). The photos must be in focus and everything must be shot from a level tripod, this is because each image you see is 3 separate exposures of the same image, normally 2 stops of light apart, so one over-exposed image, one under-exposed and one correctly exposed. These 3 images are then blended together in Photoshop to give you the final image and they have to be done individually. That is why you should pay a professional to market your property.