Everything Changes!

If there is one thing that is a constant in life, it is that everything changes, nothing it appears is forever and so for reasons I will explain the time has come for me to make some small changes to my working life, my photography life.

When I started this journey just over 10 years ago, it was with an aim to grow as a photographer in every aspect of the job. I would refuse nothing but I would be honest with the clients too. Over the 10 years I have photographed events of almost every nature, from Gay Pride to Latin Carnivals, black tie events to raves, business conferences to medical seminars and golf tournaments to music concerts. The list is endless. I have also shot weddings (the first was a truly frightening experience) but became much more enjoyable in time, mostly due to my shooting partner Chloe Ophelia, who sadly moved back home to Iceland because of Covid. I hope she returns one day. She was my photography 'buddy' and I miss her and her beautiful family. I have photographed countless individuals and lovely families and made some good friends along the way. I have done my best to help businesses promote their venues and their work and last but not least, many homes for rent or for sale. 'Real estate' photography has grown and grown and now forms the main part of my business. There is much more to real estate photography than one would imagine. It can be very technical and almost every shoot throws up a challenge or two. I didn't really want to do it originally but I now love the work, meet some great people and get to look around some amazing properties. It's a bit like working for Channel 4's 'A place in the sun'.

I think Covid changed things for many people and for me it has made me want to concentrate on the two types of photography I love working on the most: 'Portrait and Lifestyle' and Real Estate. I am sadly saying goodbye to the rest and putting all my efforts into my new work. The first major change will be to this, my website, with a new look and, more importantly, new photos to represent my work and my journey. There will be more information about this on my social media pages in due course.

In the meantime, please stay with me. I will be blogging every month about all aspects of Portugal and our life here, all of course connected by photography and my photographs. I haven't yet mentioned my first love: 'seascapes' these are my hobby and a true passion, as long as I can stand and walk they will continue, but not as part of my business, they will however continue to be shared with all of you.

Meanwhile, here is a very small sample of some of the work I have done over the past 10 years and here's (hopefully) to the next 10.

Thank you to all who have employed, supported and encouraged me over the past 10 years, especially my amazing artist/author wife Alyson, my soulmate.